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The Wine Book about Piedmont - second edition (V2)


After the first issue of the book I left my employment at the company IBM and founded my own small company. During the the following years, I was very stressed and had little time to take care of Piedmont. We of course visited Piedmont many times but time was always very limited. Then during the following years I was busy with some illness problems and only at the beginning of 2013 I was ready to start doing something more with Piedmont. I then decided to make a second edition of the book. This time I wanted to plan the structure of the winemaker visits differently and with more focus on young winemakers as well as some special personalities who were interesting to me. In addition, I collected further information about Piedmont through a book by Umberto Eco (The Cemetery of Prague - Il cimetero di Praga), the history of Piedmont portrayed as only Umberto can do.
. I was also aware that more women started the profession as dedicated winemakers. I had already visited Sara Vezza (Josetta Saffirio) and by Gigi Bianco. Gigi's wife and daughter took over the winery to continue wine making as an example. The old area of Monferrato also provides interesting wines, an area that was formerly a separate region before the creation of the new Italy (I Risorgimento). At that time, the wines of Monferrato were well known and were transported over the See-Alps to France (at that time Savoy). This is then how the structure of the second edition of the book was created.

Piedmont - Viticulture and Wine Growers

Wine Book Content - Version 2

The content and the structure of the second edition is very similar to the first edition. I am interested not only in the wines and the rating but the people who make the wine. I'm still convinced that the personalities of the winemakers also characterize the wine. This time I have taken pictures with a digital camera and all interviews were digitally recorded. This has been a relief for the further processing. When I was driving around in Piedmont I thought it would be of great help if the information that you are looking for could be displayed directly on a tablet. Hence, I had the idea to make the book as an eBook and add click-able links. Now, the new book is made as an eBook in four languages including Swedish and Italian.
The question came up again and again by the vintners to make it in Italian also and then as the version 1 in English and German as well – I then added Swedish as well.
The eBook is made in color with links to all the winemakers and their home page. The print version is made in black/white as the first edition. The print version is certainly easier to handle for the wine growers because some are not so used to Internet. The book is something you could easily take in the hand and flip through ...

Wine Growers and Wines

As already mentioned, this time I've planned the structure before I set the dates for the interviews. Again, I was not disappointed by the winemakers and the wines! This time I have to say that I waived wine drinking during work. But sometimes I got or I bought a few bottles to try at home, knowing that at home the wines could taste a bit different. I think the new young generation of wine growers are very open to new trends and adapt well. The son of Giovanni Manzone also uses Facebook to inform customers about new wine as well as visits to wine fairs. I think that the adoption of new technology will continue.

The Wine Growers interviewed in the second edition

The following wine Growers are included in the second edition: Anna Maria Abbona, Gigi Bianco, Eugenio Bocchino, Enrico Boggione, Cascina Bongiovanni, E. Pira &Figli Chiara Boschis, La Casaccia, Elvio Cogno, Cascina Corte, Cantina del Glicine, Hilberg-Pasquero, Cantina Iuli, Bartolo Mascarello, Giuseppe Mascarello e Figlio, Giovanni Prandi, Giuseppe Rinaldi, Josetta Saffirio, San Fereolo, Schiavenza, Serafino Rivella, Ezio Costa / Tra Arte e Querce, Azienda Agrituristica Le Viole, Regionale Specialitäten, Eine kleine Auswahl, Referenzen


  1. Red Wines

    Famous red wines like Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto, Grignolino, Freisa, Nebbiolo

  2. White Wines

    Famous White Wines like Arneis, Favority, Rossese, Nas-Cetta, Moscato d'Asti

  3. Specialties

    Here some examples: Truffles, Torrone, Hazelnuts, Plin, Castelmagno, handgemachte Grissini

  4. Where to stay over night

    Some suggestions: Tra Arte&Cerche in Monchiero, Le Viole in Vergne,

  5. Truffles

    A famous hunter for truffles: Ezio Costa, Tra Arte&Cerche in Monchiero