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In this store you can order all my wine books published. The books are also available in the different bookstores in Sweden thanks to a great solution of the publishing house in Sweden. This means that I can offer access to the book store here as well. I happen to be Swedish but the real reason for this publisher was that no publishing house in Germany, which I have mentioned, accepted eBooks larger than 10MB. My eBooks are 20 or 38 MB large due to the many images.
I continue to try to find a publishing house in Germany and in Italy or why not Amazon ...
As you can see below the prices are in Swedish crowns – don't be afraid ;-)
The cost of delivery to Germany for the printed version is around € 2.50


New special edition
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AAP, Basel.

Books and eBooks

The books and eBooks are available through the following links in the internet Stores.
I found a publisher in Sweden who could handle the large files. My eBooks in ePub format are 20MB or 40MB due to the many pictures, of which there are some 100 photos.
Due to the size of the ePub files I recommend to download over a fast Internet connection.

The eBooks are all in color with clickable links to winemakers and other information.
The first version of the book is now available as an eBook and as the original print version only in black/white.
Version 2 is also available in as a print version, but only in black/white.

Book and eBooks Shop

It was originally planned to launch the new book only as an eBook, but due to relatively low cost for digital printing, the books are also available in a black/white print version.

There is a preview or 'look-into' version of all eBooks in ePub format, which you can download before you buy.
The content in the print version is identical to the eBook versions.

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eBook - Wine book version 1 in .epub Format

Here are 'Look Into' versions of the eBook version 2 for different languages:

Look into book

Version 2 'Look-Into' eBook auf Deutsch

Look into book

Version 2 'Look-Into' eBook in English

Look into book

Version 2 'Look-Into' eBook på Svenska

Look into book

Version 2 'Look-Into' eBook in Italiano

Il eBook in Italiano sarà disponibile da una casa editrice in Italia sotto questo link:

Because of not yet implemented support for ordering of print books from the publishing house in Sweden, you will have to use a little circumvention if you want to order the print version of the various wine books.
Please prepare a normal email to the following address:
Please include the following information:
Your namn
Delivery address
Invoice address
Mail address (for contact and invoice)
Telephone number (for questions)
You also need to include the following:
Name of the book
Version 1 ('old' version) - language (EN, DE for version 1)
Version 2 (new book) - language (EN, DE, IT, SE for Version 2)

I you click on a book below in the Widget Shop you will find more information about the book.
The prices are in Swedish cronws, SEK, since the distributor is located in Stockholm.
On the 18th of May, 22014 the exchange rate was: 1 Swedish crown (SEK) = 0,111 Euro (EUR)
The for a book at the price of SEK 115 corresponds to approx. EUR 12,80.


  1. Red Wines

    Famous red wines like Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto, Grignolino, Freisa, Nebbiolo

  2. White Wines

    Famous White Wines like Arneis, Favority, Rossese, Nas-Cetta, Moscato d'Asti

  3. Specialties

    Here some examples: Truffles, Torrone, Hazelnuts, Plin, Castelmagno, handgemachte Grissini

  4. Where to stay over night

    Some suggestions: Tra Arte&Cerche in Monchiero, Le Viole in Vergne,

  5. Truffles

    A famous hunter for truffles: Ezio Costa, Tra Arte&Cerche in Monchiero